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About J.D

Jie Da Elementary School is located in Xinxing Village, Jinfeng Township. The majority of the students come from Paiwan and Rukai families. Our school stresses the importance of language teaching. Over the past years, we have performed well at several competitions including Chinese competitions, Story Telling competitions, and the English Reader’s Theater. In addition, a main focus of Jie Da Elementary school is traditional Paiwan singing and dancing. Our school has had many great performances in both local competitions in Taitung County as well as National traditional dancing competitions. Our performances in traditional Paiwan singing and dancing are widely acknowledged.
In more recent years, we have been enhancing the ways in which we integrate technology into our curriculum. Our teachers are honored with E-learning A+ leveled Seed Teachers of Taitung County. Our school has completed a series of teacher’s professional development courses with mobile devices in order to make our technological use more complete. We are well acknowledged by the government, parents, and community members for our work in using mobile devices in the classroom.
Since 1997, we also have traditional pottery as a part four featured native Paiwan curriculum. Under the Senior-Director Cheng Shan Mai, we acquired all of the necessary equipment to make the pottery. The pottery course is a part of the art curriculum and our school also hosts several pottery-making activities for children and parents in the community. We also display the pottery on special days. We use these works of art to decorate classrooms and represent the cultural style of the Native Paiwan.